I know, I know - a weird question, right? But while sunglasses are a perfect way to protect your eyes and the sensitive area around them from sunlight and possible artificial lighting, they are an accessory unlike any other. They help you add that final touch to your outfit, help you make a statement - if standing out is your cup of tea - and if they’re extra special, they’re a great conversation starter.

1. Wear them on your nose (duh!)

Yes, the good old sunglasses-on-nose situation. Make sure you find the right fit and always handle your sunnies with both your hands - this prevents strain on one hinge if you hold them by only one temple.

You can push them all the way up to the top of your nose, or have them sit lower, just below or on top of the nose bridge - this looks especially good with small glasses with a thin metal frame. In any case, make sure they’re sitting comfortably, and if need be, adjust the nose pad arms to fit your nose.

2. Keep them perched on your head

We’re all used to sliding our sunglasses up on the top of our head and into our hair as soon as we get out of the sun. But keep your sunnies with you even if the weather is cloudy and grey! They’ll work wonders as an accessory: They provide an additional element to your style and pull the entire outfit together.

As an added bonus, by pushing them up and further on top of your head, you can utilize your sunglasses as a makeshift headband - and a really cool one, too!

Tip: to keep your hair in place, we suggest sticking to glasses with thicker frames and no nose pads - this way your hair won’t get stuck when you go to remove your sunglasses.

3. Hang them on your shirt collar

A perfect way to spice up any outfit that might seem a bit plain to you is to grab your glasses and hang them by one of the temples on your t-shirt or shirt collar. Alternatively, you can EVEN hang them by a chain of your favourite necklace or by one of the button-holes of your shirt.

In any case, the bolder the model you choose, the more attention your outfit is bound to attract. So even on the gloomiest of days, bring some sunshine and summer to your surroundings by accessorising the right way!

All in all, accessories - especially sunglasses - are all about having fun and expressing yourself. As always, think out of the box and try new things and new ways to utilize your sunglasses.

P.S. got any tips or want to tell us how you wear YOUR sunglasses? Let us know!

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