Right glasses for your face shape

EVEN face shapes and shapes of glasses

Looking for the perfect glasses for your face shape? Well look no further! Whether you have an oval, heart-shaped, square, triangular or round face shape, there's an ideal pair of specs just waiting for you.

To make it easier for you, we've created this helpful guide.


Round faces are recognizeable by soft angles, fuller cheeks and smooth lines. The forehead and jaw are equally wide.

round shape

Which glasses to choose?

 Stick to frames that add angles, such as rectangular, geometric frames; alternatively you can choose cat-eye frames or D-frames.

even blue light glasses for round shape of faces


Oval faces are considered to be most universal. Usually the forehead and chin are slightly narrower, but create overall balance.

oval face shape

Which glasses to choose?

 Try choosing frames that are as wide as the widest part of your face, predominantly square, rectangular or any geometric shape.

blue light glasses for oval shape of face


Square faces usually have clear cut angular, bold features and equally wide cheekbones, forehead and jaw.

square face shape

Which glasses to choose?

 Opt for round or oval shaped glasses with thinner frames.

blue light glasses for square shape of faces



Heart shaped faces are the opposite of triangle shaped ones - they are narrow at the jaw and gradually widen through to the forehead, the cheekbones are usually the most prominent.

heart shape face

Which glasses to choose?

 Heart shaped faces are the most versatile of all face shapes. Most glasses shapes will fit this type of face. Look for oval shaped glasses, lighter, thinner or rimless glasses.

blue light glasses for heart shape of faces

 *Images source: Getty images

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