With new technology, you’re able to try on glasses before you decide for a purchase. this way you can choose a pair that you’re certain will suit your face.


If you’re accessing the website on your phone, simply select the model of sunglasses that you’d like to try on, scroll past its description and click the black button that says ‘TRY ON’. A smaller tab will open, where - with the use of your front camera - a virtual representation of what the glasses will look like on your face will appear. Below, you can use one of the four buttons to adjust the pupillary distance, which will help you to more accurately see how a certain pair of glasses will suit you. You can also decide to take a photo of yourself, to save it for future reference or for comparison with other models. 

*If the page is not working correctly, iPhone users should try to access the try-on page through the Safari internet browser.

*In order to work, the virtual mirror app needs to be used in a regular browser (Chrome/Safari/etc.), not in a "webview" of another app like Facebook, Instagram,... .